Canelo Alvarez refuses to rule out fight with YouTube star Jake Paul

Canelo Alvarez has once again refused to rule out a potential fight with YouTuber Jake Paul, assuming the social media star improves.

Mexican boxing giant Canelo Alvarez appears to be slowly coming around to the idea that Jake Paul is here to stay in the world of boxing and now seems open to potentially getting into the ring with him in the future.

Alvarez is the pound-for-pound top boxer in the world and he has previously been very sceptical of Paul’s excursion into boxing, saying people could get hurt, but he recently refused to rule out fighting the YouTuber himself.

“We don’t know, you can never say never,” Alvarez told FightHype.

“We’ll see in the future.

“[Paul needs to do] a lot of things [to earn that fight].”

Canelo has also recently stated that his doubts about the YouTuber are not personal, neither about Paul nor his personality, only his boxing credentials.

Paul, meanwhile, has joked about Alvarez’s response, tweeting a video in which he imitates the Mexican giving an interview. He has also joked that Alvarez would be so confident about facing him that he’d accept any weight.

“I think he would underestimate me and let me weigh whatever I want because he thinks he’ll take me out,” Paul told Fox Sports.