Is Alexa Chung’s new Barbour Collection championing sustainability?

What does ‘Barbour x ALEXACHUNG’ comprise of?

A sneak peek of ‘Barbour x ALEXACHUNG’ was launched on the 9th June, with the rest to be released on the 2nd August. It features seven jackets, three tote bags and a bucket hat, all inspired by the signature style of Barbour – with her very own idiosyncratic tweaks. These include gingham linings, patchwork outer waxwork and shorter sleeves, plus a more snug silhouette all round. So far, she has revealed three jackets in the line-up, The Barbour Patch (pictured below on her Instagram), The Edith (featuring the corduroy collar) and The Pip, a rain coat style smock.


She says proudly,
“The smell of the wax alone makes me feel like I’m home. For me Barbour has been part of my childhood, my coming of age and I am extraordinarily proud that it is now part of my future.”

Is the collection sustainable?

Alexa Chung’s own label gives nothing away on her online site, regarding traceability, sourcing or materials used in the manufacturing of her clothing line. However, this may mark the fashion designer’s first segue into sustainable fashion, given that Barbour is known for both its ethical reputation and the long life cycle of its products.