10 Best Photo Editing Apps to Transform Your Memories

 1. Pixlr

Pixlr is a complete photo editing app that gives you a variety of options. A lot of users rely on it for quick fixes to a photo, adding texts and applying preset filters. Recently, Autodesk acquired it, which validates it popularity.

  • User Friendly design and functionality which are extremely simple and logically categorized.
  • Simplified editing tools like crop, adjust and autofix.
  • Advanced tools like Splash which makes the image black and white and helps you add selective areas with colors.
  • Variety of preset filter option.
  • Add text feature.
  • Collage making option.

Available for iOS |  | Web

2. Facetune

Facetune is photoshop for dummies. It helps you to modify your photos, especially you face and make them look picture perfect. It whitens your teeth, removes blemishes and pimples, does away with wrinkles and even reshapes so that you can have those perfect cuts.

  • Basic features like crop, adjust aspect ratio, rotate and flip.
  • Advanced features like whiten, smooth, red eye reduction, tones and details.
  • Option to see before edits and after edits.
  • Preset filters (limited options though)
  • Frames to lighten up your images.

Available for iOS | 

3. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is an editing app for people who are serious about their photos. People in the professional circuit seem to like it a lot. Its filters make the photos look better, but still help it keep real.
Another standout offering that makes it one of the best photo editing app is that it has an amazing social platform where you can make your own photo journals and share it with the world.
If you are obsessed about your pixels being perfect and and would like to experiment with a new photo sharing platform, this is a highly recommended app.

  • All the basic functions like crop, edit, adjust and resize.
  • Advanced photoshop features like washed out tones, saturated colors, high contrasts etc.
  • Social platform GRID for your photos to get discovered.
  • Amazing set of film like pre-set filters to automatically make your photo look great.
  • Integrated camera.

Available for iOS | 

4. Touch Retouch

The Guardian says that there is no easier way to remove unwanted objects from your photos. This is precisely what this genius photo editing app does. It removes unwanted content from your pictures.
If you are constantly photo-bombed or the frame has a lot of disturbance, you can remove them all using Touch-Retouch. The best part? It is not hard at all.

  • Replace unwanted objects in the picture.
  • Weed out photobombers by using a lasso.
  • Make portraits more beautiful by removing blemishes and wrinkles.
  • App replaces selections automatically (using nearby pixels)
  • Clone tool can be used to easily duplicate objects.

Available for iOS | 

5. Moldiv

Moldiv is a friendly photo-editor app with all the standard photo-editing functions but with more than 550+ stickers in it and a plethora of collage options.
If you like to liven up pictures using stickers and collages, then this is the perfect app for you.

  • 320+ fonts
  • 150+ filters
  • Beautify selfies – face slimming, enlarge eyes, smoothen skin and whiten teeth.
  • Collage – Ability to artistically combine 10+ photos in one frame.
  • Ability to crop, straighten, rotate, adjust colors in a picture.

Available for iOS | 

6. Lapse It

Lapse it, as the name suggests is a time-lapse capturing photo app. Though there are many smartphones these days that have a slo-mo capacity, lapse it beats them all with its rich features and easy to shoot functions.
Of course, if your phone doesn’t come with a slo-mo capturing functionality, this app is hands down the best.

  • Choose the interval between captures.
  • Customize focus.
  • Pre-set ISO.
  • Battery saver mode that switches off screen while capturing videos for long hours.
  • Crop videos and apply filters.
  • Import videos and apply effects easily.

Available for iOS | 

7. Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is a virtual make up app. It delivers exactly what it promises. It lets you retouch and apply makeup to deliver that spotless portrait photo. 
What’s more, you can explore makeup services with this app!

  • Change color of your hair and your eyes.
  • Whiten your teeth with one touch.
  • Easily remove blemishes and dark circles.
  • Sharpen your face structure for that perfect jaw-line.
  • Easily apply virtual make-up to your photos.

Available for iOS | 

8. Afterlight

Afterlight is a delight for people who want everything perfect in their photos. It has enough filters, styles and toning tools to please probably everyone.
It also has an amazing range of premium offerings (in-app purchases), that is non-intrusive and sets it apart from its peers.

  • Abundant filters and frames.
  • Varied options in lights and leaks.
  • Designer letter frames that put your picture in that letter.
  • AI powered contrast, shadows, highlights etc that understands your image.
  • Filter collections (free) by popular photographers.
  • Ability to add overlays, texts and even stickers.

Available for iOS |  | Windows PC

9. Snapseed

This photo editing app is what we call an all-rounder. If you are looking for an app that is a jack of all trades, this is the one you should be looking to install.
It was originally developed by Nik Software, but was then taken over by Google. Now, the app has seen quite a lot of improvements including better user interface and user experience. Also, like most things Google, this app has all things free.

  • Simple and user friendly UI.
  • Myriad of editing tools.
  • Vintage filters, HDR adjustments.
  • Remove unwanted objects.
  • Apply “last edits” to a new photo.
  • Available guides to better use the app.

Available for iOS | 

10. Lens Distortions

This app is the best app if you are looking to add natural elements like sunlight, rain, fog, snow and other weather effects to your photos. A lot of apps do have this as an additional functionality, but Lens Distortions is the best in the business.
The USP of the app is that it makes it look so natural that viewers won’t be able to recognize that it is an added effect.

  • Add natural elements like sunlight, snow etc.
  • Add multiple layer of effects.
  • Ability to adjust depth, sharpness and brightness of images.
  • Blur effect.
  • Adjust the depth of each overlay.

Available for iOS |