Amazon Fire was wrongly reported : this maps showing why

Headlines have been overreacting for weeks about the amazon fires saying the Amazon rainforest is burning, save the amazon … But what nobody expected when looking at the fire map you will see both the fires this year and those that have burned in the four previous years: the bulk remains almost entirely intact.
People easily are driven by media this day, once CNN or BBC say it then it’s right and people start making judgments very quick, we can’t deny the fire in Brasil isn’t an easy thing,  more than 57,500 fires have been set in the Brazilian portion of the Amazon in 2019;  And all of these blazes endanger the nearly 1 million indigenous people spread across 305 tribes who call the rainforest home. but the idea is never quickly to choose a side to defend unless you do your own researches.

The heart of the Amazon isn’t actually on fire. instead, most of the fires were detected at the fringes of the forest

Here you can see August Fires in the Amazon in the last 6 years

Deforestation and fires are up, but still not as high as in the past

Source: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
Bolsonaro has bluntly rebuked other countries that he believes are trying to dictate to Brazilians how to handle their natural resources. Leaders of the Group of Seven nations did just that during the recent summit in France, even though they later remained silent about President Trump’s reported push to lift logging restrictions in a part of Alaska roughly as large as West Virginia.