Apple credit card : the future card

The Apple Card makes quite an impression. The white titanium slab contains no numbers or expiration date, only your name, Apple logo and the chip.
Whether you buy things with Apple Pay or with the laser‑etched titanium card, Apple Card can do things no other credit card can do. and it’s the first card that actually encourages you to pay less interest.

Apple Card will let you see What you spend, when, and where. All beautifully clear.

Also You can still earn Daily Cash rewards without an Apple Cash account , If you have the Apple Card, you get 2% back on purchases you make using Apple Pay—3% when you use the card to buy apps, movies and devices from Apple. The rewards appear daily in a digital Apple Cash card, which you can use with Apple Pay or to pay down the credit card’s balance.

Apple wallet

there’s an app on your phone called “Wallet” , it’s mostly for boarding passes, concert tickets and other things you’re better off storing elsewhere. Now, though, Wallet has a purpose: It’s the true home for Apple Card.
The Apple Card prompts you to pay your whole bill every month. If you opt to pay less, the Wallet app shows you how much interest you’ll pay