Egypt rare protests in Egypt after online call for dissent

According to witnesses and a large number of videos circulating online, a rare protest was spotted near Egypt’s iconic Tahrir Square where protesters chanted for the resignation of current President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.

اغضب فإن الله لم يخلق شعوبا تستكين
اغضب فإن الارض تحنى رأسها للغاضبين

— Ha j ar (@biboua1907)

Protests have become very rare in Egypt following a broad crackdown on dissent under Sisi, who took power after the overthrow of the former Islamist president Mohamed Mursi in 2013 following mass protests against his rule.
Security forces moved to disperse the small and scattered crowds in Cairo using tear gas but many young people stayed on the streets in the centre of the capital, shouting “Leave Sisi,” Reuters reporters at the scene said.
and as always Police again arrested some of the demonstrators, witnesses said.
It is believed that Ali called for the protests after a football super cup final between Egyptian football clubs Ahly and Zamalek; as such, the hashtag #NazleinBa3dElMatch (We Are Protesting After the Match) started Trending on Twitter hours prior to the protests.
Protests are uncommon in current Egypt with riot police heavily cracking down on gatherers in Tahrir Square or calls for protests online.
While the events of 2011 are remembered nostalgically by activists and revolutionaries, a vast segment of Egyptian society follows the government narrative of considering the 2011 revolution an act of sabotage.
Its aftermath consisted of years of political instability which greatly hampered Egypt’s tourism and economy.