Top 5 Wonderful Business Attire Ideas For Women In Winter

 If you are looking for a few stylish items to update your business wardrobe, here are some tips for capturing the best business dress deals :

1. Cashmere crews: 
This is the time to pick up basics to replenish your wardrobe. Cashmere sweaters are timeless and go under suits or look great on their own. At 50-70 percent off, you can get one or two in a  neutral color such as navy or black, and one just for fun in Kelly green.

2. Wrap dresses: 
The wrap dress is a classic. Look for colorful jersey, or a black and white print sheathe. Diane Von Furstenberg makes fabulous wraps. Other companies have great wraps as well, at a variety of price points. These dresses are perfect for the office or after hours, and make the most of women’s shapes. Even better, they never seem to go out of style.

3. Coats: 
Now is the time to splurge on a fantastic coat. If the high-priced coat you’ve been coveting is available at over 50 percent off, you can now splurge without guilt. Remember that a good quality, classic coat can last a decade or more. But be sure that it fits well, and you love the color. Otherwise you’ll end up leaving it in the closet.

4. Fun items:
Bubble hems, tunics and chartreuse may be a bit much when they come off the runway and the sticker price is high. But at a discount, you can be more open with the fun stuff. If you’re sick of your black pants and sweater uniform for winter, why not try a knit tunic or dress for a change?

5. Staples: 
You will always need another pair of good leather gloves, black pants, boots or a down coat. If the price and fit are right, now is the time to replenish your wardrobe.

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