7 Unbelievable facts about South Korea Not everyone Knows

1.Plastic Surgery:

It’s the surgery capital of the world, some tourists visit South Korea only for the cheap surgery they can have done. South Korea is notoriously known for its hyperfocus on appearance and cosmetic surgery
A lot of girls suffer under intense social pressure to look as beautiful as their models and K-Pop idols. It’s not uncommon to see plastic surgery advertisements for young girls in the subway. However, there seems to be a consensus on what the PERFECT nose, chin, cheeks, etc.

2.Unbelievable Safety:


Maybe it’s owed in part to the security camera culture around here, but South Korea is almost as safe as Japan in terms of violence. People aren’t afraid to leave their cell phone sitting on a cafe table, they do it on purpose so everyone knows the seat is taken. Because CCTV are present literally everywhere, a thief could get tracked in reverse from the site of the crime back to him leaving his front door earlier that night.

3.Work Hard:
Korean working culture is one of the most vicious in the world. There’s an essence of “your work is your family”, leaving people to sacrifice their health for a job that likely doesn’t care about them. People work round the clock, and therefore resort to unhealthy ways to blow off steam.

Drinking culture

Drinking culture is legendary in Korea. Businessmen, families, college students, everybody drinks heavily, and often. Corporate drinking culture is also a well-known (and hated) aspect of life. Employees are required to go out drinking with their boss multiple nights a month, and must drink as much as the boss wants, or risk losing their position at work.

5. Shy English Speakers: 
Korean people avoid speaking English at all costs even in Korean service industries. In other Asian countries, people will make an attempt to speak . before visiting Korea Learn your Korean!

6.Excellent Infrastructure: 
Seoul is one of the most sustainable cities in the world. There’s an abundance of parks, WIFI on public buses (and it WORKS, can you believe that?), and some of the fastest internet in the world. Plus, the tap water is extremely clean.

7.Strict Social Hierarchy: 
People in Korea will feel insulted if you asked them how old they are. to some of them, it’s determining how much respect one person owes another. Like bosses, your elders are to be spoken to with a different tone and demeanor than everyone else.