Tesla Model 3 Performance faces its most important competitors on the track

Elon Musk, Tesla’s executive director, promised his fans in one of his tweets to make the Tesla Model 3 capable of delivering better acceleration and steering performance than the BMW M3.
At the start of the race, the Model 3 has a tremendous lead in front of its rivals with gasoline engines, but before other models start to reach their top speeds, to beat Tesla.

In the second test, the purpose was to find out the capabilities of the Tesla Model 3 by steering.Julia QV was first tested to finish the race in 1: 04.84 minutes, followed by the Tesla Model 3 which finishes the race by half a second faster because it offers faster steering and exit capabilities from cornering.

The TopGear test ended by confirming that Elon Musk’s statement last year wasn’t purely marketing, prompting references  to buy one of the Tesla Model 3 copies after the test.