The Difference between man and women in Salary

Talking about women rights is not complete if we don’t pay attention at the most important thing which is how we treat her effort, when a woman do the same work as man but still get paid less and in other levels let say she get less attention for her work, so what’s the real problem behind all this ?

let’s take for example Women in  Europe earn 16% less than their male counterpart. 
Of course, the disparity in pay between men and women across is not a simple issue: women are more likely to be primary care-givers in their families, and – historically – have been more likely to work in sectors of the economy that are lower paid generally.

But they are also far more likely to be confronted with the corporate glass ceiling, to be passed over for promotions by bosses, and to be paid less for doing the same work as men.

Can we blame a woman for accepting such low salary for her work at first , or blame the bosses and even Gov for paying her low ?

There are many factors behind the wage disparity between men and women ,the fact that until recently there were different levels of educational attainment for men and women, and educational attainment is a major determinant of earnings. But during the past 20 years, the world has made tremendous progress on eliminating the educational differences between men and women, so these differences now play a much smaller role in gender earnings differences particularly among younger workers with comparable educational attainment levels.

Women choose different occupations from men. And there are large and persistent differences in the earnings of different occupations. Around the world, occupations like teachers pay less than occupations like engineers. So gender differences in occupational choice affect gender differences in earnings.

I think this issue is still in our roots until today, and we still see how big companies use women and push their limits of hard work, the worst picture can be seen in poor countries where the last thing they care about is the laws that protect women if there’s one.