A modified Toyota Supra 2020 first V1.5 Wide body Toyota Supra Rocket Bunny Kit!

Have you ever imagined that Toyota would see a Supra with such a huge success? This actually happened when adding a Rocket Bunny V1.5 A90 package, As the appearance of Supra 2020 changed and ensured that it was the most attractive, The package also features lower front air diffuser and side sills.

To own the Rocket Bunny V1.5 A90 package, you have to pay $ 8,700, and this package is designed to fit the A90 Supra, and features green paint and white rims.

Thanks to the skillful moderation team, Rocket Bunny’s V1.5 package is completely installed in a day, which shows that the installation process is easy, despite its complications.

When the package is fully installed, you will notice a major shift in the design of the car, which indicates that the use of an experienced modification company such as Rocket Bunny is exactly what you need to convert your car into a more distinctive car, although the standard Supra 2020 looks great, but it is with a package This modification reaches a whole new level.