Coronavirus and The New World Order Rulled By China

Coronavirus or Covid-19 will permanently reshape the world, if we probably pass “peak virus” within the next six months ,The economy, governments, and social institutions will take years to recover in the best-case scenario, And The next 5 years will remind us that COVID-19 was just the lightning before the thunder.

COVID-19 Showed the weakness of Us Gov, Underestimating the situation at first, Late actions and No solutions, As the strongest Country in the world we expected.

Chinese officials have recently stated that the regime will take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to build a “Health Silk Road.” This should serve as a big wakeup call to all. A world under China would be a nightmare for some. This is the same China that has forced political dissidents and Uighur Muslims into re-education camps, a country that has managed to disseminate a pandemic that is killing and sickening thousands across the globe, all the while decimating economies everywhere.

Countries worldwide now will become more cautious about allowing China to be their chief supplier of medical equipment like facemasks and pharmaceuticals.

There is little doubt the world is set for a reordering whenever the pandemic finally fades. China would like it to be one on its own terms, in the absence of American global leadership, where the country’s leaders can showcase the superiority of their authoritarian model.

But what seems more likely is a new world order with China increasingly cast as an international pariah, a regime that placed its own pride and prestige over transparency about a pending pandemic. The communist party’s cover-ups, suppression of information and dissemination of disinformation will likely have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and plunged the world into a colossal global recession. And its xenophobia and racism have been laid bare.

The virus will eventually be contained, either through a vaccine or more widespread infection that eventually builds herd immunity. But in the world’s post-pandemic relations with China, it will no longer be business as usual.