Cristiano Ronaldo may return to Real Madrid next season

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo may return to Real Madrid next season, an Italian press report confirmed today, Saturday.

According to the website “Calcio Mercato”, Ronaldo misses Real Madrid a lot, and has a great craving for the royal and Spanish capital Madrid.

He explained that the news of the return has been chasing Cristiano recently in Italy, Spain and Portugal, and it is not just because of his recent Clasico presence at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

And the Italian site used the statement of Edo Aguirre, Alchirngito and close friend of Cristiano, who said that the news of Ronaldo’s return to Madrid are not just suggestions.

Calcio Mercato pointed out that the return of Cristiano to Madrid requires a lot of money, after Juventus spent 100 million euros as a fixed value of the deal, in addition to 12 million as variables and 5 million for FIFA.

He said that on June 30, Ronaldo will have 60 million in Juventus’ balance sheet, in order for the Italian club to avoid any capital losses.

He added that Juventus could not accept this amount, if Real Madrid submitted it, especially since the Italian club does not want to sell Cristiano.

The site stated that the dilemma of the deal remains economic, because it is difficult for the riyal or any other team to accept investing a huge amount of money on a player who is 35 years old and receives 31 million euros annually.

He stressed that the partial salary was the reason for a crisis between Ronaldo and Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, but the relationship between the two parties is now distinctive.

Calcio Mercato has definitely completed the report that the proposal to return Cristiano exists, and the player’s nostalgia for his former club is also present, and will serve the deal but not much.