Can we recover and back to normal life after covid-19

covid recovery

Many countries started de-confinement slowly day after day, but what is waiting for us now? And how we will deal with the changes that happened in our life during the ‘war’ against Covid-19?

Things will not be like before that’s for sure, and ‘not like before’ doesn’t always mean that it will be bad, things may be better than before, you can feel it because it’s like a second chance for us, the chance that you been waiting while you were lockup at home.

Forget about how much money you lost or the job you’ve been doing just because you didn’t find better, or because you didn’t believe in yourself that you can find better.

This is the best chance to change things, don’t hold too much on old things, old traditions and ways of dealing with life, because if it was good you wouldn’t be in this  situation … let them go and start a new life now with the new plans that you made and the new opportunities that you’ll find.

Now we’re ready more than any time to face anything in this world, and you know that nothing is stable and things can change quickly with things you never expected like a virus from a Chinese city you’ve never heard before that changed life of billions!

Before covid-19 we may have done a lot of mistakes that lead us to many failures after failures, trusting wrong people, wasting our time and my focus in stupid things, but also before Covid-19 some of us were having good and stable life … we’re  not talking about looking at the bright side, because looking at people dying because of this virus have no bright side for many, but we all believe in one thing that whatever happens to us there’s always a secret hidden in it and there’s always a good thing coming or at least a lesson to learn.

And last thing is always keep your spirit strong and nothing last forever the virus will disappear one day and will only leave some marks that can only be healed by time.