These Portions of chicken can harm your health


Personally i started a year ago avoiding eating chicken in general, because i saw where they ”Produce” them and what they eat.

Recently scientific and field studies have proven that chicken wings and necks have serious harm to human health due to injecting chicken with a substance called “steroid”, which is a type of hormone that accelerates the process of chicken growth. This substance causes kidney failure and sexual frigidity in men, according to The international “health line” website.

The site pointed out that this substance disturbs the balance of the body’s hormones, causes obesity, and causes an imbalance in children’s hormones responsible for forming bones and muscles. The “steroid” substance also affects the natural hormones that everyone has, old and young.

The excessive intake of chicken wings and necks injected with this hormone causes coarsening of voice, the appearance of hair in many areas of the body, irregular menstruation, and cuts out completely in a number of clinically discovered cases.