Good news … Corona virus does not develop and vaccines can be effective

Mystery still surrounds the emerging virus, which carries mysteries that baffle scientists. As the world races to find an effective vaccine.

It is known that influenza vaccine changes from year to year because the formation of our bodies over many years for an immunity against the virus causes it to change from year to year, so that it can bind to the receptors of human cells.

According to the researchers’ findings in the study, viruses in their quest to survive develop over time and are subject to genetic changes or mutations that produce some differences in some, and in others only a few, and fortunately, corona has not yet developed significant differences, as previous studies have claimed.

Dalia Samhouri, director of the WHO’s Emergency Preparedness Program and International Health Regulations in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, told a press conference on Wednesday that revisions of the genetic sequences of the virus have not demonstrated any mutations affecting the current ongoing vaccine production plans.

The option of a genetic change that leads to the emergence of new strains remains a possibility when society has immunity to the virus as a result of infection or because of the vaccination of people against it through vaccines. However, the emergence of these strains will not be as potent as the flu itself, says Professor of Combined Diseases at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Samir, in statements to Asharq Al-Awsat. He explains: “Influenza has many families within which a mutation can take place to show us a new species that threatens humans, while the Corona virus has limited hosts, and so far there is a division between those who see it as a bat or a scaly anteater.”