5 Amazing Things the Body does while Sleeping

Sleep is a very important biological activity for your health, and it plays a fundamental role in the safety of all organs of the human body, and we present here some of the amazing activities that the body performs during sleep. 

In the report published by the French magazine “sante plus”, the writer “Lawrence. Or” talks about what goes on in our bodies when we go to sleep, which plays a central role in maintaining our health, which is necessary for the enjoyment of good health; But it is not as simple a process as it appears.

Here are 5 amazing things your body does while you sleep: 

1- The brain organizes memories 

The report explained that during REM sleep, which occurs after the deep sleep stage, the brain becomes more active, it chooses specific memories, and analyzes the informations it was exposed to during the day. 

It should be noted that we can distinguish between two different stages of sleep: slow wave sleep, which is commonly referred to as deep sleep, and rapid eye movement sleep.

2- Lower body temperature 

During sleep, the sympathetic nervous system relaxes and becomes less tense, thus blood pressure drops, breathing slows, and body temperature drops. Sleep plays an internal balance role and helps conserve energy. The body temperature can drop to 36 degrees Celsius.

3- Secretion of neurotransmitters 

Neurotransmitters are molecules that allow the brain to send messages between different neurons, and an imbalance of neurotransmitters causes mood swings. Sleep specialist Terry Crally explains, “Sleep helps regulate many of the neurotransmitters in our bodies, including norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. Getting enough sleep keeps neurotransmitter levels stable, keeps us awake, and prevents mood swings.”

4- Good for the skin

Enjoying enough sleep helps to get fresh skin, Terry Crally explains that “many skin cells have biological clocks, and are directly affected by the amount of sleep we get every night.” According to the article, one of the studies conducted on a group of people showed that they did not They went to sleep a full night, a decrease in the elasticity and moisture of their skin, as their pores were wider, and there was a decrease in blood flow to the cells of the face.

5- Strengthening the immune system 

The author states that during sleep, the body’s cells release cytokines, which are proteins that act as a chemical mediator to strengthen the immune system, which explains our tendency to sleep during illness or extreme fatigue.


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