Covid: Essential recommendations for people recovering from Corona


The Russian doctor specializing in the immune system, Vladislav Jimchugov, confirmed that people who were infected with the Corona virus, and recovered from it, need rehabilitation of the nervous and respiratory systems.

In an interview with “Novosti” agency, Jimcheogov stressed that practicing yoga breathing exercises is necessary in order to get rid of the effects of infection with the virus.

He explained that every person needs a rehabilitation program after infection with the Coronavirus, indicating that this program is determined according to what the person suffered from, his condition and his age.

Vladislav said that damage to the central nervous system has been detected in people who have been infected with the Coronavirus, which may be reflected in high temperatures, blood pressure, heart rate and hormonal disorders, indicating that this requires separate treatment.

He added that the best way now, to overcome the effects that the virus leaves after recovery from the disease, on the lungs, is to practice breathing exercises for the respiratory system, stressing that this is what every person who has suffered from the virus should do.