Investors abandon the ”Dollar” in favor of “bitcoin” and Gold


Economists indicated during their participation in the program of the American journalist, Max Kieser, that the “Bitcoin” currency may be the ideal way to preserve assets.

At a time when investors and analysts warn of the imminent demise of the American currency and are looking for hedging strategies, the “Bitcoin” currency is emerging, which shone in Past years, “as an ideal way to protect assets, and can do better than the dollar.”

This comes in light of the warning of major investors and financial analysts about the decline in the role of the dollar that looms on the horizon, and the emergence of “Bitcoin” as the best way to protect assets, so that some of them preferred it to gold, which is a safe haven.

“It is strange that the most famous businessmen and rich people in America take such a stance towards the US dollar, in return for praising the most famous cryptocurrency,” Bitcoin, “said Max Keizer.