Obama sells one million copies of his book “Promised Land” in a week


PEN America said former President Barack Obama sold 1 million copies of his book “Promised Land” in a week, and will receive the annual Voice Impact Award.

According to the American Phalanx, the honor is an appreciation for his “writings that transcended political, social and ideological boundaries.”

Obama, whose memoir “A Promised Land” was released last week, will be honored at a virtual ceremony on December 8 at the annual party for Literature and Human Rights.

“We have always seen President Obama” not only as a leader, but as one of us: a writer, “said Susan Nocell, Executive Director of PEN America, noting that his novels helped define the world with his unique background and the power of his life experience aiming to reach a more pluralistic society. Inclusiveness.

Obama’s previous books include Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope.

Source: “politico”