The Premier League is threatened with suspension


The announcement of the Premier League today, Tuesday, of a record number of new Corona virus infections among players last week, raised concern about the possibility of stopping the competition.

The “Premier League” explained that 1207 checks were made for players, coaches and employees during the 9 to 15 month of November, and this is the lowest number of checks since the beginning of the season, and the reason for this is that many players joined their national teams.

The report added that despite the small number of tests this week compared to previous weeks, 16 positive cases were recorded, a record that had never been recorded before, and thus the alarm has already begun to threaten the future of the English Premier League.

The British Daily Mirror newspaper indicated that there is an intention to move towards suspension in the future, after matters began to take a negative turn with the increase in the number of injured people in the English Premier League.

The newspaper stated in its report that the increase in the number of injuries, week after week, will open a humanitarian cause, and the debate over the ethics of continuing to play football will increase if injuries continue to rise during the coming period.