What are the foods that help you to deal with Covid?

Well-known doctor and TV presenter, Alexander Miasnikov, has identified food products that should be eaten for viral diseases, including Covid-19.

He pointed out that one of the important elements in treating this infection is zinc, which is found in abundance in chicken meat.

Severe forms of the disease can be prevented by consuming vitamin D – which is found in abundance, for example, in fish, especially herring. Miasnikov stresses that during the acute phase of the disease, the focus should be on starches (or glucides or carbohydrates), as they provide more energy.

He added that tea with lemon and ginger may enhance sweating, but there is no scientific evidence of the benefits of ginger and garlic for viral diseases.

The doctor noted that during viral diseases, the body loses more energy than it gains. Therefore, the body needs strength to fight against viruses. Therefore, you must eat food.

And the doctor advised, to adhere to the following while dealing with the viral disease: – Rest and calm, ventilate the place of presence, drink plenty of fluids, and eat non-heavy foods.