WhatsApp announced the Feature that millions of users have been waiting for


According to a blog published by “WhatsApp”, the new feature that began to be tested for some users will allow writing messages that will disappear by themselves after 7 days. 

“WhatsApp messages often remain on our phones forever, and at a time when messages and memories related to loved ones and friends are very important to us, there are some messages that are sometimes worthless, and therefore we are pleased to offer users the feature of messages that can be hidden by themselves,” the blog said. We have set a seven-day deadline because we consider it ideal, and during this period the user can remember the correspondence that will disappear, which may include shopping lists or store addresses or other things he needs, and then this information will disappear to us and will not become necessary. “

The blog indicated that any user in private chats can activate or cancel this feature in the conversation with another person, but in group messaging via “WhatsApp”, only the creator of the messaging group can enable or cancel this feature.

According to the available information, the new feature will appear to users in various countries of the world, respectively, during the current month.