Weapons, abortion and church conquest issues … How Corona fueled ideological wars in the United States?

Ideological rivalries in the United States have escalated sharply during the last period, and the exceptional measures imposed by the spread of the Corona pandemic and clashes between police and demonstrators protesting the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police seemed to reignite the “cultural war” that has long raged on controversial issues , Such as abortion, arms bearing, religious freedom, etc.

In his report, published in the New York Times, the American writer Jeremy W. Peters reviews the most prominent features of this war, which politicians statements play a major role in fueling.

Last Easter, the mayor of Louisville warned that performing religious rituals in churches would be a challenge to the rules of social estrangement.

On the other hand, Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell replied to him with a tough message, saying, “There should be no discrimination against religious people and justification of prejudice against them.”

Although firearms stores have remained open in most parts of the country, the US National Arms Federation has warned firearms owners in a video posted on its website that famous actor Charlie Daniels says, “They want your guns, they want them all.”

The author pointed out that the stringent measures taken by the federal and state governments to limit the spread of the Corona virus stirred some old feelings about a number of the most controversial issues in American policy, as issues of arms, abortion, voting rights and religious freedoms surfaced, issues that do not seem to appear to be It has to do with the virus that killed thousands of Americans.

The writer quoted what was said by Jeff Landy, the Louisiana Republican Attorney General and Trump’s ally, who said that “there is a tremendous amount of social unrest, conservatives who use the pandemic as an excuse to keep some measures in place do so to serve their own interests.”

Cultural war

The writer stated that despite the escalation of tensions last week, the competing political agendas have portrayed how leaders dealt with the restrictions imposed on the Corona virus last month.

Texas was specifically a laboratory for a conservative response to the epidemic, and, like Ohio, Alabama and a few other Republican-led states, Texas initially included abortion among elective medical procedures that should be delayed until the immediate threat to the virus is over.

Property rights

Texas has also been at the center of the growing struggle between left and right over other issues, such as property rights and prison policy.

Conservatives have opposed local efforts to prevent homeowners from going to their properties and expanding the scope of e-mail voting, which is currently limited to a specific population that includes the elderly and people with special needs.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit after Governor Greg Abbott issued an order prohibiting the release of some prisoners at risk of contracting the virus.

Abbott claimed that the release of “dangerous criminals” puts society at risk, and “slows down our ability to respond to the disaster caused by Covid-19.”