Anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman’s picture on the $20 bill instead of a president

The US Treasury Department has revived a plan to put Harriet Tubman’s picture on the $ 20 bill to replace former US President Andrew Jackson.

Thus, the administration of the new US President Joe Biden has revived a plan that was launched by the administration of former President Barack Obama, which had been stopped by Donald Trump.

Biden spokeswoman Jane Psaki said on Monday that the Treasury was taking steps to restart efforts to place Harriet Tubman’s picture on the $ 20 bill.

Psaki added, “It is important that our money reflects the history and diversity of our country, and the image of Harriet Tubman on the new $ 20 bill will certainly reflect that. We are exploring ways to accelerate this effort.”

She indicated that the details of the schedule for launching the new $ 20 bill would be announced upon completion by the US Treasury Department, and Biden had chosen Janet Yellen to be the US Secretary of the Treasury, the first woman to hold this position in 232 years.

Harriet Tubman (1821-1913) is an African American political activist in the field of the abolition of slavery and the death penalty, and is considered to be the leader of the abolition of the death penalty in the nineteenth century. Harriet Tubman was a former slave-turned-activist.