Thinking of taking a loan? Here are some tips

The borrowing offers provided by banks can have many advantages as long as you are able to pay the installments on time, and you do not make decisions that would put you in a financial dilemma, and if your credit evaluation is good, it can guarantee that you will get some advantages.

In a report published by the Spanish site “mi bolsillo”, writer Juan Luis said that banking institutions and government agencies provide many types of loans such as mortgage, car loan, credit cards, and personal loans.


The mortgage loan is one of the most important types of loans whose purpose is to buy a house, and the loan value is usually large, and it is repaid over a long period But this matter varies according to the negotiations that the person conducts before signing the contract. You can choose the fixed monthly payments.

Depending on the credit policy of the lending institution, the loan may include life, unemployment and damage insurance; Therefore, it is important to review the contract carefully before making this decision with the interest rate in mind.

Car loan

In the event that you want to buy a car – whether new or used – through a loan, it is important to check first with the agency that offers the lowest interest rate, as some agencies can offer selling offers through banks, while others may be They have their own credit agency, in either case, you have to compare prices, guarantees, quality, type of car, size and performance, and check alternatives that enable you to pay installments on a regular basis, you have to make the most appropriate decision for you, because some sellers may not offer you the best options, because they do not think Only earn their commission.

Credit card

This type of loan is the most common, given that some banking institutions offer facilities that include a zero interest rate as long as the person makes his payments in a timely manner, and uses his card exclusively in all transactions instead of cash, and among other benefits that a credit card may provide you, payments Monthly interest free in supermarkets, and cumulative points.

On the other hand, a credit card may contribute to the accumulation of your debts if your monthly payments are minimal, and obtaining cash from an ATM is also not recommended; Because that may mean an additional commission on your monthly payments.

Personal loans

Personal loans and salary loans offered by banking institutions may look attractive; But it is important, before resorting to it, to evaluate your personal budget in order to determine the value of your income and expenses and the extent of your need for this type of loan. Obtaining this loan can put you in a financial dilemma instead of helping you. And if you get a salary loan, the loan amount will be deducted directly from your salary.

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