White House: Trump agrees to declare a State of Emergency in Washington


The White House announced that US President Donald Trump has agreed to declare a state of emergency in Washington, DC.

Reuters reported, citing an official, that the FBI had received information about planning armed protests in front of government buildings in all 50 US states as the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden approaches.

On the other hand, ABC said that a memorandum of the Bureau of Investigation, seen by the channel, indicates that “armed protests are planned in front of the Capitol buildings in all 50 states from January 16 to January 20 at least,” as well as in front of the Capitol in Washington, where it is based Congress from January 17 to January 20.

It is noteworthy that the memo warns of an armed group planning to go to Washington on January 16 in the event that Congress tries to impeach President Donald Trump under the 25th amendment to the US Constitution, and that the group has promised a “massive uprising” if that happens.