Experts reveal the future of the “Bitcoin” currency

Experts believe that the “Bitcoin” currency will replace its rapid growth with a sudden drop, and this comes at a time when the world’s most famous digital currency is recording record highs almost every day.

Mikhail Belyev, an expert at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, believes that the digital currency will decline suddenly and quickly. 

He said: “Once the currency growth ends, which cannot continue indefinitely, investors will turn towards profit-taking, even if there are no reports or news. New support for growth will depress the currency quickly and suddenly. “

The price of the “Bitcoin” currency rose during the last month by 66% due to the interest of some major companies in this currency, especially the company “Tesla” of the famous American businessman Elon Musk.

During today’s trading, Bitcoin was trading in a range of $ 57,000, which is a historical level.