Netanyahu discusses Preparing for a Possible Attack on Iran


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting, Monday night, with a number of security and military officials, to discuss preparing for a possible attack against Iran, according to Israeli media.

The Hebrew Kan channel reported that Netanyahu discussed in a meeting that included Defense Minister Benny Gantz, Army Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi and officials in the military and finance ministries, transferring funds from emergency security bases in favor of expected operational plans against Iran.

This comes as Netanyahu called, the Israeli small cabinet for security and political affairs, to convene next Wednesday, to discuss “developments related to the Iranian issue.”

According to Israeli media estimates, the cabinet will discuss “raising the level of uranium enrichment, and the American warning that Iran may be weeks away from possessing nuclear weapon materials if it continues to violate the nuclear agreement, and the possibility of a quick return of the new American administration to the nuclear agreement, and the bombing in the vicinity of the Israeli embassy in India.” And other Iranian retaliatory attempts. “

It is worth noting that the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kochavi, announced last week that he had ordered the army to prepare a plan for a possible attack on Iran this year.