Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Hit its Highest level in two weeks Surpassing $ 54,000

The price of the “Bitcoin” currency rose today, Tuesday, and the most famous currency in the world recorded its highest level since February 22nd, as it exceeded the level of $ 54.45 thousand.

By 02:36 Tuesday, in Washington, DC time, the “Bitcoin” currency on the Binance Exchange recorded a rise of 7.8% to $ 53.709 thousand, and before that the currency was trading at $ 54.448 thousand, the highest level since February 22.

As for the data of the CoinMarketCap platform, which calculates the average price of “bitcoin” in 20 exchanges, it indicated that the currency rose by 6.26% to 53.818 thousand dollars.

Since the end of last January, the value of the “Bitcoin” currency rose for four consecutive weeks, and during the month of February the currency’s price doubled, but it retreated in the last week of February, where it fell sharply after reaching a historical level of $ 58.352 thousand.