Experts Expect More Frauds in the Crypto currencies Market

Experts from “Kaspersky Lab”, a Russian cybersecurity firm, expect that fraud cases associated with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, will double in 2021.

“Kaspersky Lab” said that the pandemic may lead some economies and real-world currencies to plummet, which will make Bitcoin theft “a lot more attractive”. “We should expect more fraud, targeting mostly BTC, due to this cryptocurrency being the most popular one.”

According to experts’ estimates, global crypto exchanges, including KuCoin and Eterbase, have suffered high-profile hacks. While attackers stole $280 million from Seychelles-based KuCoin, the Eterbase attackers made off with cryptocurrency worth $5.4 million. In August, 2gether suffered a €1.2 million hack, while Bitcoin worth $3.1 million were stolen from crypto-friendly neo-bank Cashaa in July.

In terms of trading, the “Bitcoin” currency was traded today at $ 47300, and the digital currency rose during trading by about 5%.