Personal Data for 1.3 million Clubhouse users reportedly leaked online

In a new “piracy massacre” that hits social media, a report published by the US site “Cyber News” reported that the personal data of at least 1.3 million users of the “Clubhouse” application had been leaked in a popular forum for hackers on the Internet.

The data leaked included users names and accounts on social media, in addition to other details, according to the report.

In addition, the hackers may misuse the data in their hands, according to “Cyber News”, which may facilitate the targeting of its owners.

“Cyber News” revealed, on Tuesday, a massive leak of personal data belonging to about 500 million “LinkedIn” users, equivalent to about two-thirds of the number of users of the platform.

“Clubhouse” invaded the virtual world and attracted millions in a short time to reveal its worlds and what it carries again.

Paul Davison, CEO of Clubhouse, said at the end of last February that the application now has more than 10 million active weekly users, which means that the “Clubhouse” user base has reached five times in one month.

At a time when the application still requires an invitation from an existing user until now, and is available to iPhone users only, the accession of celebrities and the previously uncharacteristic voice-only method of communication made “Clubhouse” top of the list of the most downloaded applications on the App Store.