The Price of Bitcoin Currency is Expected to Reach $100,000

Financial experts expect the price of Bitcoin to reach $ 100,000, and they attributed this to US stimulus measures that will allow residents to expand investment in cryptocurrencies.

The value of this major cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) is close to $ 60,000 in the wake of news of another $ 2 trillion in aid package for the US economy. The strong argument was that more and more companies would engage in cryptocurrency.

For example, PayPal and Visa have already allowed their US customers to pay in cryptocurrency, Tesla is ready to sell electric cars for Bitcoin, and Goldman Sachs plans to deal with the cryptocurrency in the future.

Evgeny Grankin, an analyst at the Gazprombank Center for Economic Forecasting, says that stimulus measures in major economies are still maintaining their impact, and in some countries subsidy programs are expanding, which has a positive effect on financial markets.

This expert pointed out that this will support the demand for currencies of various origins, including cryptocurrencies.

Yannis Kivkolis, a leading strategist at Exante Investment, points out that the digital assets market is also positively affected by the wave of Bitcoin adoption by institutional investors in the financial system, and this contributes to the growth of the main cryptocurrency.

This expert expressed his confidence that the price of the bitcoin currency will rise in the future to 100 thousand dollars and more, pointing out in this regard that “if the digital currency chart is viewed for ten years, it can be seen that it reaches new peaks in value, and that the decline has become ” Less deep. “