U.S. Gasoline Prices at it Highest since 2014 as Hacked Fuel Pipeline Shut


U.S. gasoline prices at the pump jumped 6 cents in the latest week and could soon be headed for the highest level since 2014 due to the supply disruption caused by a cyber attack on the country’s biggest fuel pipeline system.

Gas prices have risen 6 cents per gallon on the week, said the American Automobile Association. The average price stood at $2.967 for regular unleaded gasoline compared with $2.904 a week earlier, the AAA said.

If this trend continues, an increase of another three cents would make the average gasoline price in the country the highest since November 2014.

Demand for gasoline in the United States is increasing as more Americans receive vaccines against Covid-19 and begin to travel on a large scale, coinciding with the peak of demand in the summer driving season at the end of May.

Experts also urged drivers to avoid panic buying.