Joe Biden Exclude China from Setting out 21st-century Rules for Trade and Technology


Europe and the US should establish global rules of trade relations and technology, according to US President Joe Biden, excluding Beijing from taking part in such a process.

“We will focus on ensuring that market democracies, not China or anyone else, write the 21st-century rules around trade and technology,” Biden said in his editorial in the Washington Post, which he devoted to his upcoming visit to Europe, the first foreign travel of his presidency.

“The world’s major democracies will be offering a high-standard alternative to China for upgrading physical, digital and health infrastructure that is more resilient and supports global development,” he added.

The US President warned that new technologies reshape our world in fundamental ways, exposing vulnerabilities like ransomware attacks and creating threats such as invasive AI-driven surveillance, the democracies of the world must together ensure that our values govern the use and development of these innovations — not the interests of autocrats.

Biden called for making sure that the use and development of these new technologies would be in accordance with “the values ​​of the world’s democracies” and not “the interests of autocrats.”