Pentagon UFO report: Government Can’t Explain Mysterious Flying Objects

Since December 2020, eyes around the world have been looking to the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), as the Congressional Intelligence Committee gave it 180 days to announce its report that explains the recent controversy over air accidents that occupied public opinion.

This came against the background of a group of observations made by men and women in the US Army, as part of their normal work in observing the surrounding atmosphere, of “unidentified aerial phenomena” that seemed to move in violation of known laws of physics.

In an official statement – issued on June 25 (the first day on Friday) – the US Department of Defense stated that 140 air events were studied between 2004 and 2021.

The statement stated that it is not possible – with a degree of confidence – to reach confirmed results about the nature of these flying objects, especially since the videos received by the competent departments were of poor quality. 

However, the statement places these phenomena in 5 classifications, all of which fall within the possible things without the need for Interpretation of being extraterrestrials.

The first of these classifications was related to air objects that can create misperceptions, such as birds and balloons that are used to study the weather, or drones that are used for entertainment and play purposes.

On the other hand, the report indicated that natural atmospheric phenomena – such as ice crystals, temperature changes or humidity – may create signals in the infrared or radar range that are able to deceive the observer on the ground into thinking that they are taking directions that are not possible for an ordinary aircraft.

These observations could also be related to advanced technology vehicles belonging to the secret Ministry of Defense program, which cannot be announced to the public, or advanced programs of foreign systems such as China or Russia, and in the fifth classification it was stated that “other things” may be the cause.