US Defense Secretary: We need direct military contact with China to prevent any crisis


The US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, considered that the United States should maintain a dialogue in the military field with the adversaries, especially China, to prevent any crisis between the two parties.

Austin said, during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee in the US Congress, today, Thursday, that he supports the position of the independent Senator from the state of Mann, Ings King, who called for a dialogue between Washington and China in the military field despite the differences between the two parties.

“I totally agree with you. I am concerned, seeing some of Beijing’s certain aggressive behavior in the Indo-Pacific, that anything could happen that could spark a crisis… This is an issue of vital importance.” He said.

He continued, “I think we need to be able to talk with our allies and partners but also with our adversaries or potential adversaries. I think we need a direct channel of communication between the armed forces as well as between government officials.”