Covid-19: China Quarantines Millions, New Cases Passed the Peak Indonesia and Sydney Deployed the Army in Streets


The Chinese authorities imposed a closure on millions of residents – today, Monday – with the spread of the mutated delta version of Covid-19, while Indonesia confirmed that the second wave exceeded the peak of the epidemic.

Local governments in major Chinese cities – including Beijing – have so far subjected millions of residents to a corona examination, while housing complexes have been closed and quarantined on contacts of the infected people.

Today, Monday, China recorded 55 new infections caused by local transmission, while the highly contagious delta mutant is spreading in more than 20 cities and more than 10 provinces.

The city of Quzhou – in Hunan Province – has ordered its more than 1.2 million residents to undergo sanitary isolation under strict closure measures over the next three days, at a time when it is launching a city-wide examination and vaccination campaign, according to an official statement, and the Quzhou government described The situation was described as “still bleak and complicated”.

New cases were recorded – today, Monday – in Hainan, which is a popular tourist destination, and in Henan Province, which witnessed recent floods, according to what the national health authorities in China announced.

Peak pass

In Indonesia, Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadiqin said today, Monday, that the second deadly wave of Corona virus infections in the country has exceeded the peak.

“We can already see that the peak has passed, especially in parts of Java,” the minister explained, during an online press conference, referring to Indonesia’s most populous island.

The spread of the Delta strain – which was detected for the first time in India – led to an increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in Indonesia to record levels.

The country recorded a record number on July 15, which amounted to 567,057 injuries, and the deaths jumped on the 27th of the same month to record 2,069.

Indonesia has recorded more than 3.4 million infections and 95,000 deaths, but public health experts indicate that the real numbers are likely several times greater.

army deployment

In Sydney, Australia, the army deployed in the streets to ensure the implementation of the prolonged closure announced by the city, while quarantine orders were extended in the third largest Australian city, Brisbane, to contain the outbreak of Covid-19.

The authorities are trying hard to stop the spread of the highly contagious Delta mutant in Sydney, and to ensure that the population follows the health rules, in light of the registration of more than 3,600 infections since mid-June.

With about 14% of Australia’s population of 25 million receiving full doses of vaccines, the authorities are still relying on closure measures to control the outbreak of the epidemic.