South Korea sets a record for alcohol imports


A statement in South Korea showed that the country’s imports of wine set a record last year, due to the increasing demand for its consumption at homes in the conditions of the Corona pandemic.

South Korea imported $330 million worth of wine in 2020, an increase of 27.3 percent from the previous year, Yonhap News Agency quoted data from the customs service.

He described the amount spent on wine as the largest of its kind ever, while monitoring that wine imports exceeded beer imports, which decreased by 19.2% on an annual basis to $ 227 million.

And the competent South Korean department considered that wine imports increased in the past year, because people preferred drinking at home and alone rather than going to bars amid the Corona pandemic.

It was reported that beer imports declined, with imports of Japanese beer declining, while home-made beer gained popularity among its drinkers.

He recorded that South Korea’s wine imports more than doubled to $325 million in the first seven months of the same year.

The country’s alcohol imports also jumped 26.2 percent year-on-year in the January-July period to reach $800 million.

The data showed that South Korea’s imports of alcohol reached a new record of $1.1 billion last year, and recorded an increase of 8.2 percent from the previous year amid the Corona pandemic, while its liquor exports declined by 10.3 percent in the year to $374 million during the same period. Period.