Yandex Repels the Largest DDoS Attack in History

Experts from “Yandex”, the largest Russian-language Internet search engine, succeeded in countering the largest denial-of-service of service attack in the history of the Internet, according to a statement issued by the company “Yandex”.

The DDoS attack, in which hackers try to flood a network with unusually high volumes of data traffic in order to paralyze it when it can no longer cope with the scale of data requested, began in August and reached a record level on Sept. 5.

“Our experts did manage to repel a record attack of nearly 22 million requests per second. This is the biggest known attack in the history of the internet,” Yandex said in a statement.

Yandex said it had seen 5.2 million RPS on Aug. 7, 6.5 million RPS on Aug. 9, 9.6 million RPS on Aug. 29, 10.9 million RPS on Aug. 31 and finally 21.8 million RPS on Sept. 5.

U.S. cybersecurity firm Cloudflare, which is widely used by businesses and other organizations to help defend against DDoS attacks, said in August the largest DDoS attack it was aware of reached 17.2 million RPS earlier this year.

Cloudflare could not immediately be reached for comment on Thursday.