You can now meet with anyone by hologram

Microsoft is currently working with the Ocean X research organization to set up a so-called “holographic laboratory” on board scientific research ships.

The idea of ​​a virtual office has been circulating since before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe, but with the widespread closures in the world now, this type of technology is in great demand.

Unfortunately, most companies, nowadays, have to limit their attention to calls and emails on the Zoom program, in the communication processes between employees themselves.

However, significant progress has been achieved recently in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality at the hands of some companies, most notably Microsoft’s creation of the “Mesh” platform, which has created actual practical uses in a number of companies so far.

Popular Science (March 2021) described the Mesh platform as enabling collaborative experiences in shared virtual spaces. Mesh users wear an augmented reality helmet, like Microsoft’s HoloLens, that allows them to see virtual objects in their real surroundings, such as different geometries, custom 3D models, office documents, and most of all , Picture of other Mesh users.

Thus, “Mesh” can transform any ordinary room into a virtual conference room, for employees working from anywhere in the globe. Mesh users can interact with virtual objects they place in AR space, and even share them with each other. They can also make 3D notes, and attach them to virtual objects.

Taking notes, as well as roaming the list, and interacting with virtual objects, by hand, is simple, and without the need for additional equipment for this purpose. The watch’s lens in the helmet records the movement of the user’s hands, and interprets them as his commands. The image of the user imitates the same hand movements that the user makes in real life, and this allows him to interact with objects and perform certain gestures while speaking.

Mesh also allows its users to act as if they are in the same room standing side by side. The pictures appear more like cartoons, as there are no natural pictures yet at this level. One option is to recreate a 3D image of a person using sophisticated scanning technology, such as Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studio as well.

Most people, however, cannot take advantage of this massive and expensive system. So, for ordinary people now, there is a deeply customizable user friendly menu that allows them to create digital images that are an honest copy of themselves.

Most of Mesh’s clients will be companies interested in virtual workspaces. Microsoft is currently working with the Ocean X research organization to set up a so-called “holographic laboratory” on board scientific research ships. It is also working with Cirque du Soleil to develop a mixed reality performance track, allowing people from different places to traverse the distances of the world to attend the same show simultaneously.