Firefox Relay: a new service to protects your email and online identity

Mozilla has developed a new anonymization service to protect the user from spam messages and their identity on the Internet.

The American company called this service “Firefox Relay“, and it has now moved from trial operation to the stage of normal operation.

Through the Mozilla Firefox add-on, you can create what is known as alias email addresses, which are used instead of the main email address, thus protecting you from spam attacks.

Messages from borrowed email addresses are then automatically forwarded to the inbox at the main email address, and the practical advantages of this method appear, for example, while shopping online or browsing social networks.

When the user installs the add-on in the Firefox browser, a purple hexagonal icon will automatically appear on the right edge of the email entry domains.

The user can manage the email addresses borrowed via the website (, and can be recreated on mobile devices if necessary.

If the user discovers that spam emails or other unwanted messages have been diverted to their primary email address, they can block all messages here, or delete the alias directly.

Mozilla explained that the new Firefox Relay service is free, including a web browser add-on and 5 pseudonyms, and there is a paid version of this service that allows the user an unlimited number of pseudonyms, as well as a special domain for e-mail with the ability to respond to messages that are transferred.