Gates is selling his stocks which may be a signal of another possible crisis

Bill Gates may no longer be running Microsoft, but his actions are still monitored and scrutinised around the world and he has created a buzz because of some of his recent movements in the stock market.

The Microsoft founder famously predicted that something like the coronavirus pandemic could happen and is now looking ahead to what the next pandemic might be, even writing a book titled ‘How to Prevent the Next Pandemic’.

Gates has been selling many of his stocks and changing the focus of his investments, which experts are viewing as a signal of another possible crisis in the structures of the market. The theory is that if Gates thinks certain sectors are becoming more risky then they probably are.

It has been reported that Gates is buying shares in sectors related to basic human needs, such as those in agriculture (Sanderson Farms) or water (Canadian Pacific). He is also purchasing stocks in domestic transport, which some are taking to mean he foresees another international crisis.