Investments in US bonds rise to 7.7 trillion dollars as of February

The total value of global investments in US Treasury bills and bonds until the end of last February rose by 1.1% to 7.714 trillion dollars, compared to 7.662 trillion dollars in the previous January.

According to a survey of US Treasury data released on Friday:

Japan topped the US bond holders with 1.306 trillion dollars last February, compared to 1.303 trillion dollars in January.

In second place, China ranked $1.055 trillion at the end of last February, compared to $1.060 trillion compared to January.

China has been the largest investor in US Treasuries for years, but it has been overtaken by Japan as of June 2019, after a trade war wrecked US-China economic relations.

In third place came the United Kingdom, with investments of 625.2 billion dollars last February, compared to 608.8 billion dollars in January.

Ireland came in a quarter with $314.8 billion compared to $308.3 billion, on a monthly basis.
Luxembourg came fifth with 314 billion dollars last February, compared to 310.8 billion dollars last January.