Liverpool tried to sign Kylian Mbappe in secret

Kylian Mbappe was very close to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu at the time, but at the last minute, to Madrid’s surprise, he preferred to try his luck at the Parc des Princes first.

Throughout this period, Liverpool have always been on the lookout.

This season the Reds have received less spotlight and their role in the soap opera has been minimal, but in England they have not ruled out this possibility until they have had no choice.

This happened, according to sources familiar with the process, a few days ago. Mbappe was flattered by the interest and affection of the English giants but the only alternative to PSG was always going to be Real Madrid.

As MARCA reported yesterday, this week is the decisive one and everything suggests that the outcome will take the 2018 World Cup winner to Madrid, where there is total confidence because everything possible has been done to reach an agreement with the attacker.

In Paris, or rather in Doha, where the number seven has travelled to, they still do not have a definitive communication and that is why they maintain some hope.

(c) Marca