Scientists define a simple way to slow the aging of the brain

According to the results of a study in which the team of researchers from Stony Brook University in New York included a study of one thousand people between the ages of 18 and 88 years.

In their study, the researchers used brain magnetic resonance imaging to learn to change brain conditions among the subjects who studied, as well as the role of diet and age.

The study revealed that the functional relationship between brain cells worsens with age, and it is possible to start the appearance of the first signs of aging from the age of 47 and by the age of 60 years the rate of mental deterioration of the peak.

According to scientists, this is due to the increased resistance of the body to insulin.

According to the neuroscientist contributing to the study, Lillian Moheka, when you get old, the brain loses its ability to process the glucose that enters the body, causing the cells to shake, which affects the work of the brain sections.

As an alternative to glucose, the scientists proposed two different diets that they cited as participants, and the scientists observed an improvement in the brain’s functional system in the system that relied on natural and low-carb materials that included meat and fish but without eating potatoes and rice, and the effect was evident on young participants who did not reach the age of 50.