Corona virus caused greenhouse gases to drop by 17%

Experts in climate change said that the quarantine policies implemented by the countries in the world to confront the Corona epidemic and limit the spreading of the virus contributed to reducing the emission of gases in the period between January and April 2020, by 17% in their daily rate.

The experts – who were able for the first time to measure the size of greenhouse gases in line with the quarantine – added that if the situation continues as it is until next June, the decrease in the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will reach 4% compared to the first half of 2019, and it will reach The ratio is to 7% at the end of this year, although it is unlikely.

These experts explained – in the study, which is the first of its kind and was published in the “Nature Climate Change” magazine on May 19 this year – that they developed a smart model that enabled them to measure the rates of this decline by sectors.

They found that the transportation sector contributed 43% to the decline of these gases, followed by the industrial sector by 25%, electricity generation by 19%, and finally the aviation sector by 10%.

Nevertheless, quarantine is not a solution to face climate change, and its contribution to low greenhouse gases is not permanent , the epidemic enabled us to measure the drop in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and to give concrete evidence to decision makers to make appropriate decisions.”