Gold price rises to $ 1726 In trading

The price of gold reached approximately $ 1760 in recent days, which raised the joy of gold investors who accompanied the rise in the prices of this precious metal from $ 1050 since mid-December 2015, but soon returned to decline, as it fell below $ 1726 In morning trading today, Monday, the question remains: Will the prices of the yellow metal rise again?

The Factors That Control Gold’s Price
Gold price continues to rise depends on a number of factors, and in fact, the decisions of central banks on interest rates and inflation affect the price of precious metals, as low interest rates and high inflation make these metals more expensive.

The same applies to exchange rates, which means that a weak dollar will lead to a rise in the price of gold.

Another factor is the supply and demand for the metal itself, as increasing the difficulty of gold mining over time is one of the reasons for price increases in the long run.

Should I Invest in Gold
Investors always need to be careful, the more negative news about economic growth increases the chances of higher gold prices, and even in this case the path that gold prices will follow is not clear.

And if the bad news causes the stock markets to fall again, as is the case with the Corona virus, investors may sell gold and other commodities to offset their losses in other assets. Indeed, doing so will create pressure that may cause gold prices to fall.

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