The European Union intends to establish “hydrogen trade” rules with countries including Morocco and Ukraine

The European Union will seek to establish rules to trade hydrogen with countries including Morocco and Ukraine, as part of its plans to use the low-carbon fuel to cut emissions from industry and transport, EU energy commissioner said on Monday.

The European Union’s Energy Commissioner, Cadre Simpson, said we’re seeking to establish rules for hydrogen trade with partner countries, including Morocco and Ukraine. As part of his plans to use this low-carbon fuel in the future to reduce industrial and transport emissions.

“In order to reliably trade in renewable and low-carbon hydrogen across borders, we will need appropriate rules with countries that have the potential in this regard,” Simson said at the high-level conference on hydrogen held in Brussels on Monday. 

The European official also indicated, in her speech at the conference, that “the European Union will also put hydrogen on the agenda of its energy talks with the United States of America, Japan and South Korea.”

During the meeting, Simpson stated that Morocco and Ukraine are international partners of the European Union, adding: “We must initiate talks to create a global rule-based market for hydrogen solutions, including safety and environmental standards.” 

This statement comes after Morocco signed last June an ambitious agreement with Germany with the aim of developing the green hydrogen production sector and setting up research and investment projects in the use of this substance, which is a source of ecological energy.

The hydrogen market is expected to affect the international economy in the future, especially as the world will witness a great demand for energy in the near future and in the medium term, which is what Morocco seeks to prepare for in order to become one of the main players in the sector.