American Researcher: The United States may have considered Russian and Chinese Drones as UFOs


The American astrophysicist, Adam Frank, did not rule out that the United States authorities had made a mistake when they considered Russian and Chinese drones as “unidentified flying objects.”

It was previously reported that the Director General of US National Intelligence and the Pentagon will present a non-confidential paper on research related to the study of UFOs, including a detailed report on agencies, cadres and surveillance systems involved in collecting and analyzing relevant data.

The American researcher said in an article published by “The New York Times” that he would read the report “with great interest,” noting the need to study testimonies about UFOs “with complete transparency and using the best scientific tools.”

Frank continued: “There may be much simpler narratives. It is possible, for example, that these UFOs are drones used by competing countries such as Russia and China in their quest to test our defense capabilities, by forcing our pilots to operate radars and other monitoring equipment. Leads to the unveiling of our online reconnaissance capabilities. “

It is reported that a similar strategy was used by the United States during the Cold War era with the aim of testing the sensitivity of Soviet radar systems.